Your Loving Pets $35 – $97


Pets are easy to receive healing energy because they have no resistance as people do in the physical world.

If your pet is experiencing some kind of issue known or unknown, the Phenomenal Love Process will harmonize and adjust with its powerful source energy.

The Phenomenal Love Process is Especially Powerful before pet Surgeries. Right Action is in place and healing is quicker than normal.

What has happened in the last few decades is people started bringing their cats and dogs into the house to live with them which sounds like and is a loving gesture.

The fact of the matter is, when they were outside their paws were always on the ground therefore their energy was balanced through the energy of the earth and 99% of the time well-being.

Today pets living inside are receiving a multitude of EMF’s from 5G internet, phones, routers and so much more. Eliminate walking your dog on the sidewalks and have them walking on the earth’s ground about 30 minutes a day.

You Will Want the Phenomenal Love Process for Pets if:

  • If You Have Surgery Scheduled
  • Balance Their Energies
  • Increased Energy Level
  • Anything Unusual

I do all of the work energetically for you. You do nothing at all. It is pure unconditional
L O V E received.

…And LOVE dissolves all negativity and harmonizes and adjusts ALL areas of your body and life. Distorted cells are now happy, healthy, and vibrant cells.

2 days is only $35 and you can purchase 1 week for only $97.

Fill out the form completely so I know the location. You will receive an email from me that the Phenomenal Love Process has started and how to contact me.

To Balance your pet’s energy into well-being select Buy Now Below:

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What others have to say:
My friend’s dog Kalvin, had a major surgery that was supposed to take up 8 – 10 days to heal and to be able to walk around. The time period was 3 days and once again, the scar was so light you could barely see where the incision was.

The Phenomenal Love Process clears out blockages and allows the body to become balanced. Right Action is in place always and healing can take place very quickly.

Choose 2 – 4 days or 1 week below.

Buy Phenomenal Love Process for Pets




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