World Peace

World Peace

World Peace


 We all FEEL Paris and the entire planet being surrounded
and held in Divine Love…in the past, present and future!

World Peace 2

We see a Major turning point for peace and harmony occurring
on this planet in this year – 2015!

We see the earth being covered with a blanket of Love and Grace –
bringing enlightenment, empowerment, and harmony to all! 
We see our environment being cherished and cleansed, our water
being pure, our food nurturing, and our air being fresh and clean.

We claim this Divine Reality as being made manifest
IMMEDIATELY throughout this planet and we see everyone
totally supportive of each other and thriving together in total
Health, Safety, Joy, Prosperity, Peace and Love!

We are so grateful that this is the Truth of our being!
We completely accept it!
We release it unto the Law. We let it be so.
AND SO IT IS!!!~ Carole Doré

World Peace 3

One, alone in consciousness with the Infinite, constitutes a Complete Majority! 
~ Ernest Holmes 


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