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My Favorite Online Dating Site And Why

My favorite online dating site was made after many profiles on several dating sites including Matchmaker and Wealthy Men.

My like minder friends keeps expanding and expanding.

It is Spirit Singles and  the Benefits Are Amazing Compared To Other Dating Sites.

  • You can read all of your emails as a free member
  • You can respond to your emails as a free member
  • You can chat as a free member as long as the other person is a paying member
  • And even when neither of you are paying members anymore, as long as you have had previous email correspondence
    you can still email back and forth

After 10 months I have made many amazing friends on Spiritual Singles and it just keeps getting better and better!

And NO ONE has tried to scam me like on previous sites…just saying…smiling

Click Here For More Details on Spirit Singles.

Just in case you missed my previous post “How To Tell If Your Online Date Is A Scam” You Can Read It Online.

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Happy Dating!!!

~Feminine Magic~



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How To Tell If Your Online Date Is A Scam

Read This Article For 11 Ways To Tell If Your Online Date Is A Scam.
Article written from two personal experiences from two different dating sites.

Hello and Welcome to the world of online dating. What a Joy and some not much of a Joy but at least you will be able to tell if your online date is a scam after reading this article.

I feel I should write up my experiences so others will not get trapped into these hideous and dangerous situations. I ran into two of these scam artist men this year. I will tell you I was totally aware most of the time what was going on and noticed the similarities between the two men but played the game for awhile just to see if what I thought (they were scam artists) were true.

So I created a list of sequences to tell if your online date is a scam that both gentlemen followed exactly! And there was no guesswork between the two. So here’s the list!

  • Immediately after contact and some type of interaction via email or chat both men deleted their profiles.
  • Both uploaded photos of themselves in the first interaction. One was email the other was chat.
  • Both spoke of finding their soul mate and that God had sent them an angel (Me).  They sent lot’s of loving emails and chats. This is the sucking you in part. At this place in the game you are not aware of anything going on.
  • After many loving and empowering conversations both decide to tell me they had a problem and maybe I could help.
  • One man’s story was he was on a buying trip in Turkey and the cab driver drove off with his bag that had all of his cards and identification.
    Once he called an canceled his cards he had no access to his money in his bank account. His total amount needed was $30,000.The second mans story was he just won a project in Russia and some of his equipment had been damaged and now he needed extra cash to purchase these items from another country in the sum of $7500.
  • Both wanted me to open an account where they could deposit money and in my name. Opening an account online is easy so I told both of them to just open an account and have who ever was sending them the money deposit it in that account in their name. Neither would open an account in their name…(hint…smiling)
  • Both ask me if I could mortgage my home, money in an savings account and even borrowing from a friend.
  • After their initial request for money to me I decided to ask both of them for money. One I told I did not have any food and the other I told I needed money for an investment. Neither offered anything up front just a promise when they received their money they would give me some. I should of used the story of “having no food” with the other man too because indeed if you were really in a serious relationship and the one you love says they have no food that person would be doing anything and everything in the world to see that you have food.  Right? …smiling
  • Both ask me for private information including bank accounts numbers, login information and Social Security Number.
  • Neither had a phone number for me to call them. One of the men called me once but Google Voice could not identify the number to call back.
  • After many conversations and they finally realized that I wasn’t going to help them they both pulled the poor pitiful me act…giggling…and tried to pass it off on me. “You don’t care about me?” and “All I wanna do is die!”

This is when I cut communications off with both. Especially after I noticed the second man playing the poor pitiful me stuff like the first…it was so easy to recognize the pattern of the second being the same as the first.

I decided I should write this article to help all of those women make a Powerful Decision if they should Leave or Stay. 

And while You are here…

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for Loving Relationships.

You Will Be Quite Surprised at How Easy It Is To Attract Your Loving Partner…Enjoy!

Happy Online Dating!


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