Phenomenal Love Process For Depression, Employment, Love and Abundance

How Phenomenal Love Process Was Born!

Phenomenal Love came to life about 6 years ago. I was learning and creating all kinds of new energy techniques for myself mainly, those that would release falsehoods, limiting beliefs and other people’s judgments, conclusions and viewpoints from my conscious, subconscious and energy field.

While all of those techniques were magnificent and I was moving myself into a state of lightness and freedom I knew there had to be a better and a faster way.

And LOVE is where I started. Love harmonizes and adjusts every situation! Love dissolves negativity! I knew somewhere in all of this LOVE had to be the answer!

1)  I first had this idea and created this process for a friend who was extremely depressed. You know, when everything seemly has gone wrong. The loss of a job, then the home and then a loved one. I watched this go on in their life for over two years. Barely getting by and only getting up out of the bed because it was morning. A very beautiful person indeed but seemingly had lost the motivation to get back into their own life.

For two years I used the positive motivating stuff and nothing worked and it actually pissed them off to the point that I had to quit.  This is when I realized there was much more going on than mind games with this person. I knew Love changed everything, expanded and created only good so I went into the discovery of sending this Love at an extremely high vibration.

Phenomenal Love Process for Employment – Within the first two weeks she found a place she wanted to work, received an interview invitation, went for the interview and got the job. This was major as their was no money flow in her life. At this point she was now able to buy a car.

Love – The first month she found someone she was interested in dating. After about 2 months she realized it was not for her so she left the relationship. What came in next was the love of her life. The man she had dreamed of. The one she could talk to with her whole heart and soul.

6 months later she received an email from someone who wanted them to come and run their business for them. The offer was multiplied many times her current job so she took that job. That new job and income created the new home.

Radiant Health – The depression started leaving immediately and continued. The job made a difference as so did the money. Then a loving relationship high powered that inner self. Huge raise with the second job and a new home.

The game within changed! She and her body became balanced! That’s the Phenomenal Love Process!

And the results were her outer experience of satisfaction and content. Love, joy and appreciation for her own life. 

That’s the short story! A lot of pieces had to fall into place for all of that to manifest in her life. Phenomenal Love Process does that too. Put’s all of the right resources, circumstances and situation for you to be and have your desire.

  • She needed a babysitter for the first and second job. That worked out beautifully!
  • She needed a car/ transportation to drive back and forth to her first job. That worked out real nicely too.
  • She started taking care of herself what looked like automatically in loving ways that did not exist in prior years.
  • New friends came into her life too that were so fulfilling and supported her.

You See,  if doesn’t matter whether you are looking for Love with a loving partner, Employment, Empowered Health, Supporting Relationships or just have something you would like to manifest in your life.

The Phenomenal Love Process is SUCCESS in all area of our lives! (My mom is 83 and works in the lobby at a local fast food restaurant. Among other things she received the Employee of the Month Award. Her first time ever after 55 years of working for different employers).


Phenomenal Love Process Works Every Time for Everyone. There is no holding back on this High Vibrational Love Process.

I am giving you an option also to speak with me to hear about all of the changes this process can make for you if you would like. I have hundreds of more stories that are not published.

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Phenomenal Love Process Session For Love, Relationships, Health, Business, Wealth, Prosperity and Success!



Phenomenal Love Process For Employment and/or a New Job

There are two options here. A 2 week subscription is $198 and I guarantee you will receive a job, opportunity and possibly even more.

if you are still looking for work there is  a “Special Employment” offer you can choose. This option is $79!  $79 is easy to create. You can clean a couple of  your friends/families houses or cars for that amount. 🙂

Click Buy Now for 2 Weeks of Phenomenal Love Process For Employment, New Job or Raise in Income

Phenomenal Love Process For Major Change

Click Buy Now for 2 Weeks of Phenomenal Love Process For Special Employment, Job or Opportunity


Click Buy Now For 1 Month of the Phenomenal Love Process for Success

This is the option you want to choose just for success in all areas of your life. The Phenomenal Love Process starts the moment I receive your payment. It is always life forwarding, expanding and increasing like LOVE.

Phenomenal Love Process For Major Change

Phenomenal Love Process For Major Change

There is also a daily available if you woke up this morning and could use a REAL ENERGY BOOST! Go For It!
It starts harmonizing and adjusting your life IMMEDIATELY AND IN TOTAL SYNCHRONICITY!

How cool is that! Select BUY NOW for all of your choices.

Phenomenal Love Process For Major Change

Phenomenal Love Process For Major Change



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