Phenomenal Love Process For Money!

Welcome to the Phenomenal Love Process
April 2020 for Abundance and Prosperity!
Give your  New Year an Easy Financial Boost with Increase in
Money, Jobs, Opportunities, Sales, Clients, and so much more…
Due to our current economic situation,
The Phenomenal Love Process has changed.
You now get the entire month to manifest abundance
and you can bring a friend.
Buy One Get One Free. 2 for the price of 1. 

Starting again on April 4th, 2020
Phenomenal Love Process for Money and Success!

Phenomenal Love Process for Money

Phenomenal Love Process for Money

Limited Space. Only 5 allowed per session!

Guaranteed Success! Everyone WINS! ♥

You do nothing at ALL…I energetically do it all for you.
You just go about your day as normal which allows money
and fun to show up for YOU in wondrous ways!

Housekeeping details are over so Enjoy Below.

 Welcome To Phenomenal Love Process For Money and Success!


Phenomenal Love Process is an energetic process I created years ago that expands and increases every area of our lives including abundance and prosperity. Increase in money, opportunities, jobs, sales, and infinite possibilities and infinite opportunities abundantly.

You will be part of an enthusiastic group of 10 who are in the game to increase their money, prosperity and wealth. And it is so much better than a lottery play or plan because everyone wins at Phenomenal Love. It works and it works every time! It doesn’t matter where you live or who you are because this is an energetic connection of abundance and prosperity sent to you daily for 14 days, two weeks!

Money comes to you from many sources. Jobs, sales, opportunities, clients, new business relationships, new business, new prosperous ideas…there is an unlimited supply of opportunities.

How Cool Is That? What Else Is Possible? Everything is possible in this field of infinite opportunities!

You do nothing at ALL…I energetically do it all for you.

The Phenomenal Love Process for Money is for You:

  • If You need an increase in sales
  • If You need an increase in money
  • If You need an increase in clients
  • If You need an increase in opportunities
  • If You need a job
  • If You want more, extra or a LOTS of money in your wallet, bank account, and Paypal account
  • Attract Your Ideal Clients
  • Attract Lucrative Opportunites

Then Read On How To Create Your Own Major Success Story.
This is the Easiest Way There Is to Live Life in Synchronicity and so Much FUN!

Here is your Specially Formulated
Abundance Package Just For YOU!

Here’s How You Get Started With 10 Enthusiastic Fun People For Money and Abundance.

The Phenomenal Love Process is Normally $3997. 

What I have done is made an extremely low introductory price for Everyone to experience the Power in the Phenomenal Love Process and it is not even $997.

You can Join the group of enthusiastic people playing the success and money game today with the Phenomenal Love Process for Success and Money for only $129 for 1 Month.

I choose the niche of money because everyone loves receiving money!
(psst…only sign up if you want more money!)

Phenomenal Love for Success & Money

What Others Have To Say


From day one I started to experience growth in my
online business and saw my orders increase.

I’ve had success in pretty much all areas of my life:
From finding the job I love, to selling great amounts
of my vegan soaps in markets, but above all the
greatest part for me is the change of thoughts
that naturally started to happen.



Not only did I find a van with a lift in it
to take my mom out. The price, the
money, everything I needed came
into place.

My refrigerator went out too. Within
4 hours I found an extremely nice top of the
line refrigerator on Craigs List at a really
good price, had it delivered and up
and running within 4 hours.

And one more thing. All of the static between
my family is gone. Everyone is getting along
and somewhat happy. 🙂



This is my 3rd time around. It really
does keep getting better and better.
The problems I had are gone! NADA!
They don’t exist anymore and yes
money was the solution along with
a few other things that came into
place. I can talk about it now as fun
but the problem looked so big when
I started.

I recommend EVERYONE to do this
at least once and watch the synchronicities
come together.



It would take to long to write all of
the things that happened to me. I found
a new place to live that I love. I connected
with a business who is supplying me
with customers and I have met someone.
Thank you so much, Vivian!



I’ve had success in pretty much all areas
of my life: 


It was great to work with Vivian! Thank you
for everything. I really appreciate it!


Another possible sale on the line I’m working now !!
Woohoooooo! She said she’ll take it
Yay! I sold it. I should clear about 260 after all the fees!

Thank you


Just sold my first eBay item in weeeeks!!! Yay!! $25!

Business picked up again

Just in time 😳

Thank you for helping 😲

Vivian, you know I wanted to stay anonymous with the major change
but I still wanted to give you a testimony. 🙂

Here it is, “You are freaking amazing! You’re the best! Thank you!”

Lets keep this momentum going forward !!! Every day I wake up to eBay SOLD emails and PayPal notifications of $$$$ received !!


Hi Vivian, The $dollars I put out came back. I am able to pay off the emergency vet bills now!

Read this, “Instead of the release, I issued a final settlement check in the amount of 595.06 this morning.”

Thank you for all of this!


Making deposits !!

I’m going to add 6 zeros after that 228$! $228,000,000.43!


No sooner did we hang up the phone with one another that I sold an item on eBay for $99


We thought you’d like to know that we’ve added a credit to your PayPal account.

Guess what Vivian??? Positive Balance!

“This case is now closed. We reviewed this case and have closed it without any refund
to the buyer. This case will not affect your seller performance. Any feedback from this
transaction will be removed. The buyer did not return the item to you within the required timeframe.”

Hi Vivian,

Yes, it’s coming back. It was just amazing that it happened to be almost the same amount I just paid out. Only a few cents more. That I took as a sign of positive. Changes to come and my eBay sales have increased. I sold 3-4 items this weekend after not selling anything in weeks. So I’m grateful for this as well!

 Same Day ♥♥♥

Wow wow wow just wow!!

 I sold art work last week and waited and waited for payment and beat the drum of the Buyer paid in full and is a happy customer.
I hummed and hawed over paying the invoice you sent me without the art being paid , I paid you anyway thinking this “has to work. It has to work. It’s going to work. “
Today it sold again!! And it’s been paid in full !!
It worked !
Thank you 🙏


“I received $800! I am so happy! It came from came from a source that I would have never thought about. Thank you so much!”

THANK YOU Vivian, You are the most awesome person.  May God Bless me and you with 100000000000 times more. I sold 2 of Love Yourself programs!

“I got a major new client yesterday so I’ve got to go. Talk to you later. Have a great day! This is a wonderful world of wonderful life oh my lord I’m so much fun!” James


” I had been looking for a part-time job for a long time and nothing was working for me. This made it easy, quick and available. Thank You, Vivian”

Ble$$ing$ Have Been Poured Down On U$. Oh how $weet it i$ to have thi$ much freedom. How grateful we are to have been ble$$ed with thi$ beautiful gift. You are one of OUR ble$$ings to Vivian! THANK YOU!  j talley

“I got a job! I didn’t do anything. They came to me and ask if I was available to work. Thank you.” Christian

“Well today thanks to your process I’ve had a major breakthrough! Thank you.”

Financial problems are solved. Vivian also a huge note for thanks for you. For your love and awesomeness.

“I received a new contract job from a very prominent family and I was paid more than my normal fees. That contact led me to another, then another and another…the abundance just keeps flowing! Lots of gratitude and blessings to you.”

for 1 Month, 30 Days Right Here for a Discounted Price of only $129!

Click Below To Start Your Phenomenal Love Process For Money!

Phenomenal Love for Success & Money

Blessings To Everyone! Abundance Flowing Now!

If  YOU are still here thinking about it. Why not open up to new possibilities?
I Will Even Give YOU a Money Back Guarantee if you don’t receive more money.
I have never refunded money because It Works And It Works Every Time And It Works For Everyone!


Phenomenal Love for Success & Money

Love, Gratitude, Money, Increase, and oh so much Fun!

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