The Phenomenal Love Process!
What it is and How it Works.
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Hi my name is Vivian and I am the creator of the Phenomenal Love Process ....

The Phenomenal Love Process is Powerful as it shifts you into your desires whatever they may be.

  • Are You wasting time and money on dating sites for singles? Looking for love, a loving partner and/or a divine love relationship?
  • Would you like to have your personal life on smooth sailing instead of so many ups and downs?
  • Could You use some smooth sailing with your business? Or Your JOB at your place of employment? A raise?
  • How about new and empowering supportive relationships in your life that you love and trust?
  • Unemployed? Need a job?
  • Radiant Health! Improved Health! Increasing the life flow in your body...:)

How Phenomenal Love Was Born!

Phenomenal Love came to life about 4 years ago. I was learning and creating all kinds of new energy techniques for myself mainly, those that would release falsehoods, limiting beliefs and other people's judgments, conclusions, and viewpoints from my conscious, subconscious and energy field.

While all of those techniques were magnificent and I was moving into a state of lightness and freedom I knew there had to be a better and a faster way.

And LOVE is where I started. Love harmonizes and adjusts every situation! Love dissolves negativity! I knew somewhere in all of this LOVE had to be the answer!

1)  I first had this idea and created this process for a friend who was extremely depressed. You know, when everything seemly has gone wrong. The loss of a job, then the home and then a loved one. I watched this go on in their life for over two years. Barely getting by and only getting up out of the bed because it was morning. A very beautiful person indeed but seemingly had lost the motivation to get back into their own life.

For two years I used the positive motivating stuff and nothing worked and it actually pissed them off to the point that I had to quit.  This is when I realized there was much more going on than mind games with this person. I knew Love changed everything, expanded and created only good so I went into the discovery of sending this Love at an extremely high vibration.

To make a long story short that individual was back into their own life and enjoying it within a year.  She met the man of her dreams, found a fabulous paying job, nice home, nice car and she is NOW living and enjoying that new life.

2)  I watched another friend who had been told repeatedly by numerous people that he had to have a degree to have this particular job he wanted. It was less than 2 weeks with the Phenomenal Love Process that not only had he been contacted for the job, they loved him and thought he was perfect and found a loophole to hire him.

3) Another friend had been out of work for about 2 1/2 years. I believe unemployment ran out at the end of the second year. Within 2 weeks of the Phenomenal Love Process, she had been contacted by 2 employers, interviewed and was hired.

You can kind of watch how things were going here with me. A job in 2 weeks and unemployed for 2 1/2 years. So I had another friend who had been out of work for 3 years. The same thing happened again.

4) A young woman out of work for 3 years. Unemployment ran out over a year ago. Within two weeks of starting the Phenomenal Love Process, she had an interview, like the job details and was hired!

5) They called him crazy in the neighborhood. They said he always had been. He was always standing out in the middle of the street yelling, holding his bike up in the air and throwing it down, talking what most folks would call nonsense. He wouldn't harm a flee just not very present in his own life.

Six Months of the Phenomenal Love Process...and trust me on this one...I did not consciously think about this every day with a neighbor I barely knew...This man is living a normal life. Driving and having intelligent conversations with people.

6) A young woman needed a car badly. Every day it was something. She was always knocking on neighbors doors for jumps to start the car and need a ride somewhere. This was my first watching pieces fall into place for a new car. I watched all of the resources she needed to buy a new car show up. And once again, it was within 2 weeks.

So if it worked once would it work again?

7)  A lady whose car would not pass inspection anymore. No valid resources that she could see like cash. Within two weeks she had sold her old car and was driving a new one when she thought there was no way possible.

And the love relationship creations are the same. Everyone who was looking for a love relationship did so in less than two weeks.

8)  She had not dated in a couple of years so she had joined a dating site. Nothing was moving at all her way. Within 2 weeks of the Phenomenal Love Process, she was in a relationship. After two months she realized that she had jumped on board a little too quickly that they really weren't that compatible so she let him go. 3 weeks later someone else came into her life and 1 year later she is still with him and happier than she has ever been.

I spent some time with her at Christmas and she said, "This may sound silly, but I Love The Way He Loves Me!"

Oh no, it does not sound silly to me at all. When you find LOVE like that you cherish everything about the relationship.

9) A woman one year after her divorce decided she wanted to be in a love relationship. Within two weeks she had multiple contacts and choose someone to spend her life with...smiling

That is only the beginning of Phenomenal Love. :) There are 3 + more years of those greater than you can ever imagine stories.

Many years ago, in the beginning, I watched The Phenomenal Love Process work for me. A loving relationship was brought into my life...but that wasn't all. This is when I discovered it attracts/draws to You what your desires are. Of course, I use the Phenomenal Love Process on myself every day because it draws your deepest desires to you? Success! Money! Awakening! Being Present! Being a Lightworker! A Spiritual Healer! A Transformation Coach! Having a Fun Loving Business That I Enjoy which is Phenomenal Love! Radiant Health and flowing in harmony. And I have many more things in the works too.

Pretty cool huh?

Day 3 Testimony for Phenomenal Love Process 2 For Moolah: "I got a major new client yesterday so I've got to go. Talk to you later. Have a great day! This is a wonderful world of wonderful life oh my lord I'm so much fun!"
"Well, today thanks to your process I've had a breakthrough! Thank you."
Amazing progress details of long-held plans are coming together. The formulation of the entire process is working through it. Sound detailed process progress I have greater expectations for this stuff thank you so much!

(Grab Your Spot Immediately! There is an Opening!)


You Also Have The Opportunity Right Now to Experience
All of Your Desires Come True
The Phenomenal Love Process Brings the Energetic World into
Your Physical World Experience.
Right Here Right Now!

NOW is All There Is And At This Moment!

Here is what you do.

1) Buy Now

2) Enjoy the Ride!

3) And that's it! It's really that simple.

What My Phenomenal Love Process does is attract your personal desires to you. How cool is that? What else is possible?

I do all of the work energetically for you. I don't do anything to you it is pure unconditional
L O V E you receive.

...And LOVE dissolves all negativity and harmonizes and adjusts ALL areas of your life. Right?


Does it work? You Bet! Just a few Testimonies...grinning
A Few Of Many Testimonies
I went into a deep sleep after I read your email and woke-up in a painful moan..sweating profusely..
The pain went away and I checked my temp that I had for three days and it was normal..
I'm breathless...
Who are you honey??
my love for you is overflowing right now.


"I would like to say that Vivian and her Love Process are both Phenomenal!...Thank you so much!"  

my goodness

Three men have contacted me in the last two days from Spiritual Singles…undeniable energy moving in that part of my life where there has been almost none for years.

!thank you! 


WOW! I had been sick and in the bed for over 24 hours. My grand daughter stopped by and told me I needed to go to the emergency room. One love process treatment from my lovely daughter Vivian and by the time I arrived at the hospital I felt fine! I felt so silly telling the doctors nothing was wrong with me.  It is hard to believe but it is true. It worked that fast.


Dear Lovely $Vivian$
We have finally come up for air and switching realities. It is a match made in Heaven…….Heaven…Heaven…Heaven..What else can I say. It feels like I have finally come home…

Our receiving in ALL areas of our live$ has truly expanded. What I am experiencing and feeling will flow through to you al$o…. as we are all ONE. May all the Ble$$ings of Heaven flow to you also. It IS better than I could ever have imagined. We are so connected on every level.


This is the best darn Get Unstuck Program Available. I never knew anything like this existed. I call it the Do Nothing Program!

P.J. New Jersey


A Little About Me

Being a quantum physics student and playing in the field of magic and miracles as an Energy Worker I accidentally stumbled upon this L O V E process...I say accidentally in a basic way because I know there are no accidents in the universe...:)

For four years I blessed my family, friends and even myself with this powerful love process with major success in many areas of our lives. Then earlier this year I received the message to bring it to the here it is. Pure, raw unconditional love. ♥ 

So here is my question to You...

Would You like to shift with me and others into a more abundant and easy lifestyle with NO EFFORT on your part?

You don't need to know Laws of Attraction or Contraction and/or any Universal Laws at all. The Phenomenal Love Process does all of that for you.

Who Am I?

I am an Energy Strategist, Energy Healer, Lightworker. Power Of Now Professional Life Coach, Transformation Guide...actually anything and everything with Energy. :)

As I said earlier, it is pure unconditional Love...and How sweet that is!

Here's What You Get:

  • 4 Weeks of the Phenomenal Love Process
  • Bring in your Phenomenal Experiences Easily & Effortlessly
  • Unlimited Support
  • Your wishes, hopes and desires come into your reality, your present life!
  • Any or All of this could be YOU!
  • Unemployed = New Job
  • Looking for a loving relationship = New love relationship/partner found
  • Old broken down car = New car and the money and resources for your new car
  • Depressed, no reason to get up in the mornings = New life, excited and looking forward to each day

...and so much more!

The Phenomenal Love Process is Available Right Here for One Month
at a Phenomenal Love Price of $397
I am not sure how it will stay at this price because it is worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars
and there is only one of me :) so space is extremely limited.

Click Below To Claim Your Spot NOW. 


  It Works and it Works Every Time!

And if you decide to join us in the Phenomenal Love Process I am so confident that I will refund your money with no questions asked!  Because I KNOW it Works and it Works Every Time!

Come Join Me In A Life Of Ease, Joy, Glory and Smooth Sailing.

~Abundance Prosperity~

Testimony One of Many...

Dear Lovely $Vivian$ We have finally come up for air and switching realities. It is a match made in Heaven.......Heaven...Heaven...Heaven..What else can I say. It feels like I have finally come home...

Our receiving in ALL areas of our live$ has truly expanded. What I am experiencing and feeling will flow through to you al$o.... as we are all ONE. May all the Ble$$ings of Heaven flow to you also. It IS better than I could ever have imagined. We are so connected on every level.




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