About Me

Energy Strategist & Power of Now Professional Life and Business Coach.

Energy is my life. I have studied it from all angles. Subconscious and conscious mind, Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Joseph Murphy, Neville Goddard, Wayne Dyer (Power of Intent), Access Consciousness, EFT, STAR, NLP, Psychology, Burt Goldman (Quantum Jumping), Body Healings, Spiritual Healings and so much more…

I am a Professional Life Coach specializing in the Power of Now, Power of this Moment, Power of Intent, and Power of Word, and Instant Manifestations!

I see and understand things that most people are not even aware of. My energy healings became phenomenal and many times instant. I created gigs on Fiverr for people to find me here: http://www.fiverr.com/vbaxter

The Phenomenal Love Process was the second energy technique I discovered and probably the most powerful of all! Phenomenal Love Process harmonizes and adjusts ALL AREAS OF OUR LIVES ABUNDANTLY, VERY QUICKLY AND IN TOTAL SYNCHRONICITY! Which is “how” it works easily, effortlessly, quickly and fun in being your loving partners into your experience.

Then Phenomenal Love for Money was born along with Phenomenal Love for Success, Phenomenal Love for Manifesting and Extremely Powerful Phenomenal Love for Business!

I learned and developed strategies and techniques to clear up my energy field, transform my subconscious, disconnect cords and attachments and the major magic here was to disconnect myself from all of the control going on in the physical world. Thus became my first coaching program at Extreme Success Now clearing blockages => false beliefs we were taught when we were a small child, past lives, past generations, future and universes and beyond. Then the Transformation Coaching, Awakening Coaching, Being Your True Self Series Coaching for those who know they are this source energy and infinite Beings and Now Power Of NOW Life Coach for Individuals and Businesses.

Outside control is a big issue and most people aren’t even aware of it. I won’t go into a long story here but “Heck”, talking about a huge release and enjoy claiming your own space back! That’s freaking cool!

The major shifts I have had are in removing the significance of words. “Past” and “Future” mean nothing to me anymore, therefore, that cleared up more space for NOW!

Right, Wrong, Good and Bad aren’t real either. Someone created them with a definition and meaning and a whole bunch of people (the entire world practically…lol) believed them to be true and live by them.  By the way, those are all judgments of some sort and extremely limiting in many areas of our lives. So BLOW them out of your PERSONAL UNIVERSE and ALLOW everything to BE RIGHT for YOU! More FREEDOM in your personal space and your life. YEAH!

Here are a few words YOU can remove the meanings, definitions, and energy from “problems, hard, fear, struggles, not enough, can’t, won’t, suffering, not good enough, not worthy, won’t happen”, nada nada nada. This is pretty cool and will clear up more room in your personal universe. As another major achievement and advancement remove the meanings and energy from sentences and statements.

Who wants to believe in problems and obstacles anyway? Whoever created that scenario needs to go back and look at the silliness of it all.

So here’s one of my statements: So => What you believe to be true will be true for you? Truth? Right?

What if you remove meanings and significance to the words and statement “What you believe to be true will be true for you” <<== Now that statement means Nothing!

NOW! Which is all there is, is NOW…and you are NOW creating from a space of Nothing “because” you have no “belief system” of “what you believe to be true will be for you”…

Everything just IS!

…and don’t worry, if you only picked up a piece of that information I can lead you into that space of more freedom in your universe.

Phenomenal Love Process is Powerful and will attract into your life your new loving partner.
…and anything else you can imagine!

I guarantee it! 🙂

Click Here For All of the Details Now and To Purchase Phenomenal Love!

See You on the Abundant Side!

~Vivian~Abundance Prosperity~

And for those who are still curious about me...smiling…15 years in Technology with the Federal Government, 10 years in Corporate Technology flying all over the country fixing other people’s problems, 10 years of running my own business, 4 beautiful children, 7 beautiful grandchildren, and 3 great-grandsons.

One more thing… Perfect Health, Eternal Youth, Success, Abundance, Great Wealth, Prosperity, Fun, Love and even greater flow abundantly to and through me and I as this creative source energy flow it on to You.

My Life Is Amazing… ♥ And I See Your Life Amazing Too Right Now!

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