7 Easy Steps to Know What YOU Really Want

7 Easy Steps to Know What YOU Really Want

You Cannot Miss!

Say this enthusiastically and really mean it and really feel it daily and You Cannot Miss!

1) I want to know what I want

2) I want to gather momentum

3) I want to feel the Power of thoughts surrounding me and literally sweeping me to the Success I Seek IMMEDIATELY!

4) I want to be Inspired Right Now!

5) I want to attract to me the ideas and everything I need that will take me to where I want to be Right Now!

6) I want Magnificent Success Right Now!

7) I want abundance to flow onto Me Now and I want the process to come to Me Now.

If you will say this enthusiastically and really mean it and really feel it,

You Cannot Miss! (Thanks to Abraham Hicks for the major part (I added some of my own) of this solution!)



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Run these statements several times to accumulate ideas of what you want in life.

Write down on a piece of paper all of your ideas. The ones that feel good are yours.

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It’s So Easy To Believe In Yourself To Make Positive, Powerful, and Lasting Change!

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