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Looking For Teachers For Phenomenal Love Process

Hello Amazing One,

The time has come where I need to add more people to Phenomenal Love Process.

I am looking for individuals who want to learn the Phenomenal Love Process, why it works and how.

The business is still growing and I occasionally could use some help and of course I would pay you very well for your time.

And once you go through the training with me you have complete rights to add it to your own business and teach your family and friends.

Everyone should know about this beautiful love process even children. Yes, it’s that simple.

This is a 4 week series. You will have 4 1 hour one-on-one calls with me via video with Skype preferably.

You will receive the Phenomenal Love Process from me also during the the 4 week period.
The price is only $397.

I will also give you a written agreement on your Rights to use it and profit from it if you choose.

Phenomenal Love Process works in all areas of our lives and it does not matter who or where they are located.
Everything is Energy.Here are a few ways you can use it however there are infinite possibilities.
Another way to 
look at it with an open mind and imagination is:
It is God, God’s Love and you KNOW YOU Can always Trust that love, that energy! here is another testimony page.

I have two children within the Phenomenal Love Process now.

I have thought about starting a PLP for children but I do not have time for that but you definitely have my permission to run with that one.
Imagine always 
getting good grades, loving friends and everything going your way as a child…smiling

I am only taking 3 people for this training.

Let me know your interest ASAP! This is 
moving very fast and I can’t sit on it anymore.


I am waiting to hear from you.
Love & Light,
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