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Your Gift of Free Will…

Beautiful Infinite Being, your gift of free will is guaranteed!

This is what I know.

Struggle is going against the flow...

For every problem there is a solution…

And for every solution there is an outcome.

And that outcome depends on the path you choose to take.

It is really knowing and understanding your true self…

And what it is YOU really want to experience…

What will bring you true Joy, Love and Happiness…

Then your light will shine with Love, Peace, Joy and Harmony
…and in every area of your life.

Many times in life we settle.

…and the majority of the time we settle making others happy, following the crowd and/or
doing what we think we are suppose to do.

You were given the gift of “free will”…

And this gift guarantees without a shadow of a doubt…

That you can choose what you want to experience…

Be what you really true want to be…

And have what you really want to have…

Many times these obstacles are in our path so we can take a honest look within….

You see, there is really a field of unlimited opportunities…

And many times we have to look and understand that perhaps letting go of some viewpoint, judgment or conclusion that isn’t serving us anymore is needed…

To allow a new picture to come in.

And that new picture may or may not be what others think
it should be.

Claim your space and your power.

And if you know not what your true place is just ask.

Questions opens all of the doors to the Universe.

What would it take to be ____________?
What would it take to have ___________?
How can I turn this around to be better than I could ever imagine?
What would it take to have more love, joy, peace and harmony in my life?
What can I do today that will empower my future tomorrow?
What would it take to bless this situation to the highest good of all?
What are my personal goals, desires and wants?
What would it take to move into the energy of all of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory?

Get really clear on your outcome. What you wish to experience.

And focus on that! Focus on what you truly desire to be and have in your life and not what you do not want.

Energy flows where attention goes…

Most of the time people find that their true self really wants love, joy, peace, harmony and just being in the life flow of abundance.

Nothing to do with physical things or people at all.

Turn your attention within.

And claim your Power back…smiling…

Hey, I’ve been here and done this before….

Sending words of wisdom to you….
….and this is how my coaching program was started…
Right Smack in the middle of the biggest mess I had ever experienced
in my life -> a new and beautiful vision was born…

So trust me on this one!

This thing is going to bless YOU and YOU are going to get a tremendous gift!

Your Gift of Free Will and Your Power of Choice.

The Choice is Yours…giggling…what are you going to do with it?
Extreme Success Now

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Play, Play, Play on the Playground of Love and Light with me!


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Ask And You Shall Receive Is True

Ask And You Shall Receive Is True

Matthew 7:7
Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

As you believe so shall it be done.

Ask and you shall receive is true however most people are not aware of their true beliefs. When what you ask for and believe are the same then you will receive.

This becomes a challenge sometimes because most people are not aware what their true beliefs are. Around money some good ones could be victim, powerless, over powered, hopeless, not good enough, unworthy, a sin to be rich. not enough, hard to get, work hard for your money… blah blah blah…get the picture?

This is really getting in touch with yourself and seeing what it is you really feel about a certain subject, a relationship, relationships, money, wealth, abundance, security, love, childhood, parents and this list goes on…No two stories are alike. There is only one Unique You my dear one. Once you find a limiting belief a story that is not true and probably doesn’t belong to you anyway…let it go…free yourself.

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All Things Are Possible


So they say there are universes and beyonds. There is one where I am rich and I am poor. Healthy and sick. Successful and failure and so on…

So when looking at the picture I made a conscious decision last year there must be a Universe of Magic and Miracles and I am a Wizard. And that is how my story began…

Choosing to Play in a field of Magic and Miracles also kept me out of a lot of the heavy density until finally that didn’t exist anymore. In this expansive field I choose to play, play, play and I do it with the heart of a child knowing that it is the energy that creates.

I see and understand things that most are not aware of.

I use to contemplate seeing the car I was driving with a white circle protecting me, I see myself being around save cautious drivers and I was a safe cautious driver. I don’t have to say that anymore. It just is. Just recently a car was headed towards me to hit me head on and swerved just before he hit me. I know this Power is in full force. And the incident before that someone decided they would change lanes and was not aware I was there. I swear to this day he was close enough to have hit me on the side…once again…I know this Power.

We all are expanding and each at different levels. I was on a call the other day where a woman took her garbage out and saw four moons.

All Things Are Possible
And Wayne Dyer having what I call a spiritual surgery:

After he was diagnosed with leukemia, Dr. Wayne Dyer decided to have an unconventional surgery with healer John of God. The twist? John of God was in Brazil; Wayne was in Maui. Watch as he describes the surgery and how he felt immediately thereafter.

Kinda cool being a part of this change, this shift…giggle, giggle
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Unconditional Love

Pure, sweet, kind, tender, passionate and unconditional love.  Need I say more…

When I started this journey I started with self. This was very strange at the beginning since we were taught to love everyone else first. It was the phrase “love they neighbor as thy self” that stirred up my curiosity…laughing now because I could see I sure didn’t love my neighbors very much. Once I opened the door to send love to my neighborhood and I realized I had forgotten what love really felt like.

Eventually, and it did take some time, I was able to see beautiful me and my dear beautiful spirit within. What a gift we have within and were never aware of it. This Spirit, this connection is so sweet , supportive, kind, generous, brilliant, incredible, amazing, giving, and unconditional love always…smiling

Are you curious to how this all works? Well here at Conscious Females (Males also welcome) we are going to bring out the best in everyone and I promise it will be so much fun…:)

Join me on this magical journey here:
Play, Play, Play on the Playground of Love and Light with me!

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